Monday, October 31, 2005


Setting the Stage

The MCSD Certification is a major goal that I would like to accomplish by the end of next year...some where around December 2006. I'm hoping it won't take that long but I'm setting it up to be this way simply because of my progress so far. Unfotunately I have still been unable to take the web exam for this cert.

My wizard friend at work - Justice the Gray , has been trying to help me in achieving this goal but I still haven't been able to make this a reality. It requires a great deal of commitment in terms of time. It also requires willingness to put aside other things in life and concentrate on the certification at hand.

Usually I have a one track mind and I am unable to multi-task. It is a skill I am *slowly* getting better at but it is still difficult. I'm just used to doing one thing and then moving on. I started ok with the web cert, was able to keep up to my own pace of study even while watching some others on my team achieve this excellent goal. But after awhile I lost it by letting other things come in my way...especially my part-time work.

Managing my time in order to allow for certification study will be essential to my future success.

Hey there...don't know if you have this thing E-mailing your comments but I am sincerely flattering and *very* undeserving of your comments!

I am happy to see you're on track for the cert buddy! Exciting!!
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